Do you need help going through the weekly TBR list?

Do you need help going through the weekly TBR list?

If you’ve gone through the weekly TBR list put out by CIRA, then you know that it’s a lot of work.  Normally, there are circa 4,000 domains to sift through – and sometime more.  That’s why we’ve created our FREE TBR Newsletter!

The newsletter is free and the information is priceless!

If you are pushed for time – and who isn’t – then you can quickly and easily find out the best domains that are dropping every week by subscribing to our Free TBR Newsletter.  We’ll do the heavy lifting for you – so you can quickly and easily choose which domains interest you and back order them.

If you still would like to go through the entire list of TBR domains yourself – we will provide you with the list in an easy to use text format.

And finally, so that you can keep up to date with the latest dot ca trends, our newsletter will provide you with news of recent .ca sales.


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